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.... the Beginning Of The 8 Month Wait

Hope to see you real soon! Meanwhile, I shall look for a pair of lovely twillies for you :)

.... the 9th year we are married

On our anniversary
The hotel sent some flowers!

.... the Hilarious One

A friend captured this when we were having lunch at Plaza Sing yesterday afternoon.

.... the Boy Is One

in the midst of rushing through term 2, our baby turns one :)
Happy Birthday our little man, can't wait to go clubbing with u soon lol

.... the First Mothers' Day

Despite having my own Mom away celebrating the big day with my brother's family, mine has been amazing as well!

I got a garden of flowers; with 2 horses and a monkey to signify our tiny family
A gift which I have lemming for the longest time
The HB makes his signature pasta and we got an awfully sweet cranberry red velvet cake.

.... the Son Of Ours

amidst working till late at night, the Little one is hitting one year old in a fortnight

.... the wefie

us on 初四

.... the Year of The Meh

Happy New Year! Stay 羊forever!

.... the Mommy's Woes

 photo A0617BC4-73AF-4218-A1C2-F931CCFC9066_zpsq3rkxjyk.png

As much as I still love my Ferras and CCs, they don't do well while carrying Lucky.
The J. Maskrey is the latest need want. I'm keeping them for LNY

the Adventure So Far

Lucky has been feeling under the weather since his second vaccination on Friday. The long weekend has been tiring, dealing with his (and subsequently my own) fever, running nose and coughing. Please get well soon baby boy! Mommy misses the cheeky you.